Your Wealth Plan is Built on Your Income Plan

The single most important financial decision for you to get right in your personal financial planning is to choose a suitable career you can love that will pay you well over your lifetime.

The lifetime reward of this choice will outstrip the impact of almost any financial decision you can make.

Consider these questions for a moment:

1) If you had to choose between a low-earning job that gave you great pleasure and satisfaction in the daily work and a high-earning job that caused you to feel quite miserable while at work and away from work, which would you choose?

Wouldn't it make sense to choose the job that gives you more pleasure, even if it means you have less money in the short term?

After all, therapists don't come cheap. And drugs and booze can sure mess up your life and money. So can divorce and suicide and chronic illness.  

2) Since most jobs can ultimately be transformed into high-income opportunities by a sufficiently motivated and studious practitioner, would it make more sense for you to try to increase your income from a job that's well-suited to you and a source of pleasure or one that's a misery-inducing chore?

Name me an occupation. Any occupation. And I can find you at least a handful of examples of people in that occupation making a massive income. And still loving the work.

3) If you were trying to pick a rock-solid pathway of building wealth, which of these options would provide the surest foundation to a good financial plan?

a) a set of "can't-lose" lucky lottery numbers
b) an awesome investment idea
c) bottom-basement expense-spending
d) a really high and stable income 

Obviously, none of those choices are bad. But that income stream is your surest bet to buying another lottery ticket when your can't-lose number loses, to building a new investment plan when this one doesn't work out, and to rebuilding when your bottom-basement budget gets busted by an unexpected expense.

Income provides stability and liquidity for a great life now and a wealthy life in the long-term.

Start with income.

A good, strong income from an agreeable source gives you the ability to buy lifestyle now and to save money for the future.

A good, strong income from an agreeable source is the absolute best investment you can make. I can prove that to you. (And I do. Inside the course.)

Take the time to seriously consider the trajectory and fit of your career. And if you've got an idea for how it can be improved, invest the money into making it happen.

You'll be glad you did.

If you don't know where to start, I can help you with that. 

I'll see you inside the course.


p.s., I'm really, really confident that I'll be able to serve you effectively in this course. But, you're the buyer and you can judge for yourself. If you think this course might be a good fit for you, buy it and try it. Let me prove it to you for 30 days with no risk. If you're not satisfied, just send me an email any time during those 30 days and I'll refund 100% of your tuition fee, no questions asked.


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